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Kia Ora Bikers

Hope everybody is enjoying some warmer weather, we are starting to experience spring in Taupo, pollen is in the air and the bikes are coming out of the garage......

Its been all go at Bike Taupo as per usual and so we thought you all might like a little progress update!

First off, a big shout out to the funding organisations who support us getting our continuous projects underway. The tubes for our second underpass beneath Craters Road have been purchased and are currently sitting in the car park. We hope to have these installed in October.

This will eliminate the need to cross this road and assist with the running of events that have previously required traffic management.


Craters logo

There have been logging operations underway in the mountain bike park recently with several areas closed off. Please keep an eye on facebook for recent updates. The trackcrew will have signage in place where tracks are closed. Currently:-

* Outback via Sugar Daddy to Hotel is now open but extreme care required when crossing laneways.

  • Steamfield’s loop planned to be fully open by the end of October.

Cycling Hub Car Park

The car park is well underway on Huka Falls Road opposite Four B and Kefi @ The Hub. Its been all go here with the car park being tarsealed very soon. Plans are underway for the shelter construction, toilets and wash bay.

unnamed 1

The new Otaktake track (O2K)

The new Otaktake track (O2K) is now 5km off the existing track out of Kinloch on its journey to exit onto Kawakawa Rd near Whangamata Rd. The trackcrew are working from the Kawakawa Road end and are about 1.8km down heading towards Kinloch to link up. This track is riding awesome with some stunning views over the lake. You can access this off the K2K about 2.5km from Kinloch, ride up and blast down!! (be aware - it is two way!)


KidsBikeTaupo logo

Thank you to Sarah Wraight for stepping in and covering while Cath was getting her brand new knee. Nobody is irreplaceable. Sarah is the new TDC Road Safety Coordinator and with Dide Harrison moving to Sport Waikato in a role to get more kids riding across the whole region, this whole Kids Bike Taupō beast is spreading.

We purchased six new mountainbikes with funding from Pak N Save, thank you Chris Grace. These bikes are used a lot in the TDC Road Safety Programme and have been a hit at the Thursday afternoon KBT sessions at Craters Mountainbike Park. It is great to have a selection of good bikes that fit a big range of people. They have been very useful at the Tauhara College Special Needs Unit and at ADDI too.

Thank you to Brett Cotter and his Big Bike Film Night for including the KBT part of the People On Bikes series in his line up. At Craters the other day, a rider from Auckland recognised Cath from the show and wanted her autograph!! :)

The Community Bike Shed, Fix a Dunga, is being well run by Jonny and Jo. They are there from 3.30pm to 5pm on Wednesdays in the school term. They are in the shed next to Taupō Cadets in the Spa Venture Park at the top of Spa Road.

There continues to be not enough of KBT to go around, especially in the summer terms. A good place to catch Ricky Biker is at the after school sessions. Please tell your friends to come along, if they want to have bike fun with like minded people of all ages. All sessions 3.30pm to 5pm. Regards, Cath (Lady bike)

Mondays – BMX Track

Tuesdays – SPARK Trails in Spa Park

Thursdays – Craters Mountain Bike Park in the old carpark

Great Lake Trail logo


If you have ridden the GLT recently please let us know what you thought by filling in this survey. Completing this helps us receive much needed funding for maintenance to keep this trail GREAT!

Also, as an added bonus every survey completed in October will go in the draw for a FREE Bike Taupo annual family membership!!

Great Lake Trail Survey


Exciting news for Craters Classic participants in 2020. We have partnered with You Travel Taupo and "Have Fun Tours" in Australia to bring you the opportunity for a MTB adventure in August 2020.
This promotion has limited numbers and you will need to get in quick to reserve your space. Race our event in June then head off for a week of fantastic mountain biking on the Sunshine Coast to escape our winter! Plus, we will be giving away a FREE trip at prize giving.

Ride, Relax, Repeat........

You can book your space NOW!!

Check out the website for all the details: www.cratersclassic.co.nz or click on button below:-

Craters Classic Australia Mountain Bike Tour

Bike Taupo 2020 Membership tags are now available.

Your current red tags are still valid until 31st October 2019.

Everyone MUST carry proof of their valid club membership on them when riding / running within the Craters Mountain Bike Park via the ID tag attached to their bike, helmet, bag or person in a visible location

Renewing is easy. Follow these easy instructions:

1. Click the link below to login - If you have forgotten your username or password click on the Forgot Login link at the login page.

2. Once you are logged in scroll down or select My Membership on the side menu.

3. Find your plan and click the blue Renew Now link.

4. Find your credit card!

New membership tags for 2020 will be required from 1st November 2019.

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Subscription Time!

Bike Taupo member subscriptions are now due for the year 1/11/18 to 31/10/19.

Membership is best done online on the BT website. We still offer the paper form option from bike shops which will cost an extra $10.

Even if you have been a member of Bike Taupo in the past you will now join as a new member.

 Choose a membership category – Family, Individual or Youth

 Enter your family details – partner plus children. You will get a tag for each name entered.

 If you wish to join the Taupo Mountain Bike Club, dates of birth are required, then tick the appropriate box under DOB. Part of your sub will be allocated to the MTB club. You will receive a MTB club membership card giving you discounts at participating bike shops and concession fees for MTB club events.

 At the bottom of the page there is the option to buy a map of Craters MTB Park or make a donation as an extra contribution to the work BT does. 

 Once you have paid, your membership will be confirmed by email and your tags will arrive in the post a few days later.

 You will know that BT develops and maintains the Great Lake Trail. Ongoing funding is dependant on us getting user feedback.

 Please spend a few minutes on this survey to help us carry on the good work!


April Update


Its been all go at Bike Taupo as per usual and so we thought you all might like a little progress update!

First off, a big shout out to the funding organisations who support us getting our projects underway.  Now that the underpass number one is all completed, we begin work on number two!  This underpass will be beneath Craters Road, twin tubes (in and out) to eliminate road crossing when going from the car park over to Tankstand, via Hammer and Nail It.  

The tubes will be purchased soon so you may see them sitting in the car park while we continue working on funding for "the hole" to put them into!  We would like to say a BIG THANKS to Craters of the Moon Trust, The Lion Foundation and Grassroots for their support of this project so far (hopefully there will be more to thank upon completion of the project!!)  :)  :) 


This is Cath Oldfield aka "Lady bike" with a couple of her little star bikers!

We all know what a fabulous job Cath does with the children in the Taupo community.  Cath's role is funded by a variety of organisations who assist to keep her on the road and visiting our schools. Just recently we have received assistance from the good buggers at Pak and Save who have donated funds enabling us to purchase some new helmets and bikes.  Good on ya Pak n Save!!


The new O2K (Orakau to Kinloch) loop is about 1.3km on it's journey to exit onto Kawakawa Rd near Whangamata Rd. Photo shows the current trail end under some pretty impressive bluffs.  The new bridge is now in and when this track is completed it will make for a great riding loop connecting with Chinaman's and then back to Kinloch via Kawakawa Bay


Come and join us in Taupo for some awesome old school XC mountain biking. Courses are set, tracks are ready and waiting for you.  Like us on facebook to keep up to date 

Don't wait till we sell out, check out the website and get your entry in!


Saturday April 13th  -  Tongariro North Domain

9am to 12pm

Cash up that old bike or hunt for a pre-loved bargain at the Taupō Secondhand Bike Sale

Have a shed full of bikes? Old bike parts that you don't need any more? Or are on the hunt for a pre-loved treasure?

Then the Taupō Secondhand Bike Sale is for you! From pro-road cycling bikesto tandem wonders and kids first balance bike, there is something for every bike enthusiast at this community sale.

All proceeds from the $5 bike selling fee goes to support the work of Kids BikeTaupō.

Plus, every purchaser (or unsuccessful seller) goes in the draw to win a bikeservice from Top Gear Cycles and a free entry into the Lake Taupō Cycle Challenge (road or mountain bike event) or the Craters Classic MTB Event.


Bike Taupo Annual membership 2019  -  Join here


Thanks for reading  -  Happy biking :) 

Pete Masters (Chairperson)

021 744 957

Melissa Johnson (Administrator)

027 220 9389

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October 2018 Update


YAY, welcome to summer! Hasn't the weather been wonderful, just loving these sunny warm days, really makes you want to get out there and ride your bike :) Not so flash today however ......Lots of happenings at Bike Taupo just lately. We officially opened the underpass at our Partners evening on 15th October with the traditional cutting of the tyre tubes!


We have recently received significant funding from the Tourism Infrastructure fund to develop the area across the road from the Hub cafe incorporating the underpass. This will be predominately car parking, shelter, bike wash and toilet facilities. This funding is a huge win win for Bike Taupo and the community. Watch this space/Facebook for updates on progress.
More good news, the Government has committed $245,000 from the Ngā Haerenga, New Zealand Cycle Trail: Enhancement and Extension Fund for the Otaketake Link, which will branch off the K2K Track, between Kawakawa Bay and Kinloch, and run to the start of the Orakau Track. Read more here: www.beehive.govt.nz

Trackcrew boys have been very busy lately. We have replaced the old narrow bridge on the Rotary Track (ladder bridge) with a new and improved model, wide enough for a quad bike and not to grab your handlebars and turf you over the side! The old bridge has been flown into a stunning spot on the Waipuwerawera track, I guarantee you will want to check it out, please stop when admiring the view!
Pete (and friend) have been busy sorting out the Rotary track with removal of logs and stumps and realigning the section of track under the fallen tree, (which is now in two halves) this was slowly sinking and threatening concussion issues.....

Bike Taupo 2019 membership

2019 annual Bike Taupo membership will be available online and at local bike shops from 1st November. This year our BT memberships tags are red and we have a red/orange tag for those who opt to be members of the Taupo MTB club as well.
Join online and we will post your tags. If you join at local outlets there will be an additional $10 to cover cash/paper handling. 2019 annual membership is valid from 1st November to 31st October 2019. Current yellow tags are still valid until 31st December 2018.
When joining online your login username is your email address.
Your temporary password is the first letter of your name followed by your surname in lowercase. This password must be changed the first time you login.
If you cannot remember your name you can click on the link "Forgot Login" link on the login page. This will send you a link to your email address to reset your password.

Bike Taupo Annual membership 2019 - Join here from 1st November
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The Kids BT programme is going really well particularly because Cath is available every day. Our after school timetable (3.30 - 5pm) is: Monday BMX track, Tuesday Spa Park at the dirt jumps, Thursday at Craters MTB car park.
Early Childhood is our main focus and the teachers are really on board to get our children riding well on two wheels before they are 5.
The juniors at our primary schools have regular KBT sessions. We meet those who were missed at early childhood, so they can catch up with their peers. At this age we begin to layer on more skills, such as riding with one hand, see saw and jumps etc. The children, teachers and adults are all gaining more confidence to get riding.
We notice the flow on effects from these children riding well at a young age. The schools are beginning to take over and run their own adventure/bike days. Kids BT supports these sessions by lending bikes, helmets and support as required.

The next level to all this biking action is road safety for our intermediate children. The www.bikeready.govt.nz programme is going to be offered by the Road Safety Team at the Taupo District Council. Instructors are being trained now and level 1/2 will be rolled out in 2019.

Community Bike Shed

On Wednesday's 3.30 to 5pm during term time, the boys are at the Community Bike Shed. This is operating behind Sharon's Veg Shop on Spa Road (next to Taupo Cadets). The bike shed is to help people get on bikes. It recycles bikes back into the community and gives everyone the opportunity to keep their bikes maintained.
Any information contact Cath on 027 280 4005 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Check out the new bike pages on the revised DGLT website. Some great information and graphics here showcasing all our stunning district has to offer.

The HUKA CHALLENGE is coming Saturday 24 November!
If you would like to participate in this, please check out www.cyclechallenge.com for entry details OR - get up close and personal behind the scenes and help us Marshall the offroad section!
You will have a fun day out, with most likely some riding involved! Perfect way to spend a Saturday!
Contact Lynette direct on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 027 752 9479

The Ruapehu Express event is coming to Ohakune again on the 23rd of February 2019. This is a great event with mountain bike and run option to suit all abilities, set in the stunning terrain and foothills of Mount Ruapehu. Check out the website here: www.ruapehuexpress.co.nz
Bike Taupo has two free entries into this event from the good buggers at Element Events. All you have to do is go to our Craters Classic facebook page, like us, then tell us why you deserve to win a free entry with a comment on the Ruapehu Express post.
We will consider who is most deserving! Post your comment before 20th November and be in to win.

Pete Masters (Chairperson) 021 744 957
Melissa Johnson (Administrator) 027 220 9389
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