Update from Tack Crew May 7th 2020

Logging around connection is now completed and the logging crew is just cleaning up some windfall near the old chain link track so we will be rebuilding the tracks and catching up on Maintenance ASAP. Logging crews should be gone by middle of next week

All of Outback and Steamfields are open and so is access in out of the hotel grounds. The current track system takes you back to the old link road horse crossing. Then you are required to do a bit of road riding to get around the logged area just follow the signs but you can ether go down the road and out of the park or up the road and head for Waipouwerawera or cut out around the back of craters of the moon. It’s all sign posted – please read and follow the signs!

We will be rebuilding the tracks as fast as possible and just need to tidy up some tracks first. The current plan is Walters first, then Tank Stand Down-hill as that will give access to the connection. Later we will attack the rest of the tracks to get the routes up and running There is going to be a period of time when we have to use the road around the connection.

We are thinking of running a few working bees to get them open earlier as we have no PD crews at the moment but we have to wait until we know the rules on level 2 in regards to social distancing and then flick out a notice.

Waipouwerawera has a wee slip sitting on the track at the half way point but it’s all passable Bruce is giving the track a tidy up at present We were about to do this as we went into lockdown so it’s a bit overdue.

All the rest of the tracks seem to be OK and have seen lots of traffic but please keep reports coming in as it saves a lot of time and money being able to plan our response. To report an issue please use Trailforks, the BT website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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