2020 Destruction and Rebuild of the Connection Tracks

A year or more ago when they announced the gums around the Connection were coming down the boys and girls of Bike Taupo know it was going to mean a big mess and lots of work. By the time the last logs had gone it was a toss up between putting in a few trenches and doing a WW1 movie or rebuilding the tracks. Luckily, the tracks are restored but with obvious modifications. Rebuilding tracks on forestry slash is not ideal. We have done the best possible job with the time and resources available, but people will need to accept that the rebuilt tracks will take time and continuing work before they are back to the standard of the tracks they have replaced. Please be aware of slash hazards on and off the track. Our printed maps are due to be updated but, in the meantime, the online map on Trailforks has had a makeover and we will continue keep it as current as possible. Trailforks track reports are great as they go directly to our track crew enabling prompt response to any issues. Get the Trailforks app on your phone!



Changes you may notice:
After coming down Mr from Debs, the Mrs runs continuously to the Connection. So, as sometimes in life, the Mistress has become the Mrs.

The new tracks, Up2topte and Megalicious, are on the map, joining at the top of the hill at Old Farts Lookout. Pre-logging this area was accessed by Retro (up) and Luge (down). Watch for future developments here as a new track is planned heading west into the old horse paddocks.

Outback is now on Trailforks as one 11 km loop. It is split into six sections as shown on the map below. The last three sections have names – Outback and Beyond, Slalom and Jim Berm.



You can access the trailforks map here.


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