AGM November 2009 - AGM Minutes


On Wed 30 November 2009, 7:30PM

Plateau Bar and Restaurant Meeting Room Taupo
1. PRESENT:           Thomas Schwarz, Pete Masters, Alan Vane, Lisa Rowland, Brent Cameron, Ali Rawley, Pete McFarlane, Peter Manning, Peter Goodman, Carwyn May, Alex Fierro, Graeme Usher, Len Malcolm, Rowan Sapsford, Rose Blackley, Nicky Hughes (Shorty), Grant Nicoll, Jo Donaldson, Crunchie Donaldson, Karyn Hutton, Chas Hutton, Bernhard Chrustowski, Susan Watson, Cath Oldfield, Phil Simpson, Steve Currie, Phil Battersby, Mark
2. APOLOGIES:       Keith Crate, Bruce Jaine, Brendon Reynolds, Nicky Duckworth, Barry Shepherd, Jonty Garlick
3. 2007 MINUTES: All present viewed a copy of the 2008 AGM minutes and it was moved they are accepted as a true and correct record.
                                                                        Accepted, Richard Hine, Carwyn May
Richard Balm presented his Chairperson’s Report. In particular highlights for the year include:
·        Completion of the W2K track. (Headland Loop)
·        Thanks to the Half Marathon Trust and their off road half marathon which will annually provide funding for track maintenance. This year fundraising received was approx $9,800 plus GST.
·        Thanks to Thomas and all the hard work on the website. It continues to be an asset to Bike Taupo which new features appearing on it such as Bike Friendly Accommodation links. Certain Taupo accommodation has been able to satisfy certain criteria confirming they are and have bike friendly facilities.
·        Wairakei Resort and Bike Taupo are seeking confirmation from the Crown to put in a track that will run from the Resort through the golf course tunnel and into Wairakei Forest linking on to Outback. 
·        Once the ETA is through – Taupo has the ability to be a greater cycle friendly destination. Richard encourages all members of Bike Taupo to be involved in this great vision and submit where necessary support.
·        Richard thanked the committee, sponsors, members and volunteers for all their support of the past three years and that this is the last year of his term as Chairperson and he wishes the next Chairperson all the best for the upcoming year.
A full version of the Chairperson Report will be available on the website.
Accepted: Lisa Rowland, Rose Blackley
·        Jo Donaldson of Stretton & Co reviewed the Bike Taupo accounts and these were tabled. The accounts will be available on the Bike Taupo website.
·        Jo’s and Stretton’s time and effort was again acknowledged with thanks.  
                                                                Accepted:   Len Malcolm, Richard Hine
·        The floor was opened for nominations for a Chairperson and the remaining 6 committee members.  
·        Chairman:            Thomas Schwarz  nominated by Lisa Rowland / seconded by Pete Masters. No other nominations received. Thomas accepted
·        Committee:          A block nomination for the following who registered their interest in standing:
Richard Balm, Richard Hine, Karyn Hutton, Lisa Rowland, Mike Langley, Keith Crate, Aniek LeNoir, Cath Oldfield,
All nominated and seconded by Richard Balm/Carwyn May
Nicky Hughes (Shorty) nominated by Rose Blackley seconded by Pete Masters.
                                    Nominations were closed and all present voted in favour of the above persons to be the Bike Taupo committee
All the above nominations accepted.
·        Accountants to Review Accounts for 2009/2010
Stretton & Co were nominated by Richard Balm and seconded by Nicky Hughes.
All were in favour.
Accordingly the full committee to be elected for the coming year is:
Chairman:                  Thomas Schwarz
Committee:                Richard Balm; Lisa Rowland; Karyn Hutton;
Mike Langley; Keith Crate; Richard Hine; and seconded Aniek Lenoir, Cath Oldfield and Nicky Hughes.
Other officer positions (Secretary and Treasurer) to be decided at first committee meeting in accordance with the Constitution.
Accountants:              Stretton & Co
Thomas as new Chairperson formally thanked Richard Balm as outgoing Chairperson for a fantastic term during which a great relationship has been continued and built with some key supporters of Bike Taupo including the Council and the Mayor.
Lake Track
Pete Masters presented a brief update on progress for extending the recreation path from Kawa Kawa Bay to Waihaha. Postive communications have commenced with landowners of this land which also includes DoC Reserve. A concept plan is being currently put together for sending to the Ministry of Tourism by 18 December, following this a Feasibility Study may need to be completed by February, followed by a Business Case. If all these get ticked off then funding may be granted. Its envisaged we will need $2.1M to building and $50,000 per annum to maintain. 

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