Great Lake Trails

The Great Lake Trails offer an epic biking experience. The grade three trails have been purpose built by bikers, for bikers, since 2006. The pumice base and construction techniques mean that mud is unusual, and the trails can be ridden in all weathers.

We don't have bits of forestry road, old tramways or shingle. It's all trail. You may see some old totara posts and wire, the remnants of fencing from an age when people believed farming was the answer. The regeneration of the bush has occurred since the mid-1960's when the land was left to return to its natural state. The trails are all two way so be prepared to meet other cyclists as well as walkers and runners who sometimes have a dog.

Bike Taupō develops and maintains the GLT with support from National Cycleways. To help us with funding applications, we would appreciate it if you can take a few minutes to complete this survey of your experience on the GLT.

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The best way to experience the Great Lake Trails is from a base in Kinloch. Wherever you stay in Kinloch it will be a short ride from your accommodation to the GLT along the lakefront. Turning left will take you out on W2K/Headland loop. Turning right leads onto K2K / Orakau / Otaketake. You will need a shuttle or your own transport to ride the western section of GLT. The shuttle and boat options are from Waihaha Bridge (30km) or Waihaha Road end (17km). The third option to ride out and back for up to 60km from the two road access points. 

Northern section of GLT with access points shown.

NB: Otaketake section which opened December 2019 is missing on the top map.



K2Kbasic map

Western section of GLT with access points shown. 



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