What are the Craters MTB Park recreation permit conditions?

As from 1 January 2014 all users of Craters MTB Park - Wairakei Forest need to be a paid-up member of Bike Taupō. This is a condition of the Recreation Permit from LINZ under which Bike Taupō operates the Park. Most people think that the Park is open to the general public, however although Wairakei Forest is Crown Land, it is not land to which the public are able to freely access. Usage needs to be monitored and controlled and LINZ do this via Recreation Permits issued to approved bodies. Bike Taupō is required to ensure that all users of the Park are doing so under its Recreation Permit. This means all users must be members of Bike Taupo and come under the protection of Bike Taupo’s public liability insurance policy.

Use of all other Bike Taupō tracks such as the Huka Trails and the Great Lake Trail remain free to access.

How will the membership be enforced at Craters MTB Park?

The Craters Mountain Bike Park - Wairakei Forest is not fenced off (like some MTB parks) and Bike Taupō will rely on the co-operation and goodwill of users. Bike Taupō track crew and committee members may randomly check membership tags.

Signage is erected at key entry points to explain that users of the Park must be members of Bike Taupō. These signs will also explain how to join Bike Taupō - a process that will be quick and simple.

How do I join Bike Taupō?

Membership is available on-line from the Bike Taupō website. You can also join at the Hub Kitchen Cafe and all Taupō bike shops. A simple membership application form will need to be completed, and upon payment of the appropriate fee, membership will be immediate. Annual members will receive a plastic tag (which can be attached to their bike or footwear) to confirm membership. People using the Craters Mountain Bike Park may be asked to show their tag to confirm they are members of Bike Taupō. Membership will be valid until 31st October each year.

What types of membership are available?

See our membership page here

What are the benefits of being a member of Bike Taupō?

  • Being part of an organisation that actively promotes cycling and represents the interests of all cyclists in the Taupō District.
  • Having the right to use the tracks at Craters MTB Park - Wairakei Forest 24/7, 365 days of the year!
  • Helping to maintain our network of MTB trails.
  • Receiving regular newsletters covering all branches of cycling in our area.
  • Belonging to a vibrant group run by a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers who are all bikers themselves.
  • Having the option of belonging to the Taupō Mountain Bike Club at no extra cost.

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