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School Holiday Loop Two

The northern loops in Craters offer some great riding.
These tracks are all accessed from the old car park, through the twin tunnels under Karapiti Rd, the Hammer trail, and then up Tank Stand.
Tank Down (grade 4) descends directly to the Connection and is suitable for experienced riders.
The second option is to turn left off Tank Down about 100 meters along and wind up the hill on Grinder or Kinder Grinder. Experienced riders will want to ride the Deb’s track loop. Continue on Mr and Mrs which winds its way to the Connection. Watch out for the magnificent waterfall.
From the Connection the Outback loop winds for 11 km through 6 different forestry compartments. Follow the signs over the bridge from the Connection.
At the first road crossing there is the option to do the new ZeeZeetop/Megalicious loop. It comes highly recommended with a great view over the park from Old Farts Lookout with a long downhill to follow.
Check out the map which shows the relationships between the main tracks and you can mix and match the loops depending on how much you want to do.
To return the best option is up Incline and down Coaster. If you are tired Walters is a more direct route back to coffee.

School Holiday Loop One

Designed for families unfamiliar with the park who want a grade 3 loop to ride for around an hour and a half.
Follow the path south past the shelter and toilets and go through the tunnel onto Inwards Goods.
Stay on Inwards Goods (stay left) until it merges onto Tourist Trap.
Stay on Tourist Trap (avoid being a Piker) until you reach the junction with Ferret.
OPTION: Ferret will add 10-15 minutes to your ride and merges back onto Tourist Trap. Don’t leave the track onto the forestry road. See the blue circle on the map
Continue on Tourist Trap. When you emerge into younger pine trees you will see the old carpark.
Leave Tourist Trap, cross the road and ride through the shelter at the old car park.
Head across the car park (slight right) and exit under the bridge.
Follow the track going right through the tunnel under the road onto Hammer It.
Go left up Tank Stand to the junction of Coaster. (The Tank Down track, grade 4, to the left, accesses many more tracks in the north of the park)
Go right down Coaster.
Depending on the “Can we do that again?” factor (back up Tank Stand) head south onto Nail It and back under the road.
OPTION: If you have had enough go left out through the carpark and follow Tourist Trap back to the Café.
Otherwise stay right onto Scraggs.
Ride the waves and check out the jumps and emerge through the tunnel at Managers Corner. (Green cross on the map)
Head south across the road onto SH Fun. (red on the map) Continue enjoying yourself and then watch for the exit at the ITM bridge. (Red on the map at the Wairakei Drive end of SH Fun)
OPTION: You are 10 minutes from the finish here, but if you want to do more, then ride the Bumble Bee/BBC loop which returns to the ITM bridge.
Cross the road beside the ITM bridge and go right onto Zip. Zip winds it’s way back beside Wairakei Drive to the Hub car park.

Track of the Week #4 Scraggs / Scraggs Return.

Tucked in between the old car park and Manager’s corner this loop is often overlooked. This loop has structures, so best not to succumb to natural competitiveness and follow your 15 year old at high speed unless you are familiar with the layout. All structures have options, so easily avoided, and most are quite ridable by people who are Craters regulars. These photos were taken when the waves were constructed in 2016, so they look a bit different now. Keep left after the exit tunnel at the old car park and give it a whirl!
Supported by Scragg (Taupo Landscape Services) and VetPlus.
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Track of the Week #5 Waipuwerawera

(or Waipouwerawera)
“It’s a real Journey”
The by-line for this track says it all. This track was opened in June 2018 and winds along the south western boundary of Wairakei Forest, taking its name from the stream it follows. It starts at the junction of Debs/Mr and exits onto BBC. Expect some narrow sections with drop offs. Watch for the small thermal area half way through – you can hear it more than see it. This trail is grade 4 with no easy exits, so care is required.
IMG 4218
Screenshot 2021 07 05 084249e

Trailforks map


Track of the Week #3 Zeezeetop and Megalicious

Two for the price of one this week. Welcome to the Mount Ventoux of Craters Mountain Bike Park!
This area was previously accessed by Retro and Luge. Retro headed off to the right shortly after the previously terrifying Stretton’s Drop. It started with a few civilised switchbacks and then, just as you were relaxing, headed up a 20 degree slope beside a barb-wire fence. The cattle trough at the top is unchanged. The two new tracks are a vast improvement.
ZeeZeeTop is accessed by turning left off the Outback loop after the first road crossing. It’s a marvellous uphill, I can’t understand why Pete McFarlane was not there with Buck in the QB honours. Old Farts Lookout is on the top and there are views in all directions. North you can see Outback and Beyond dropping over Stretton’s into Slalom, and east, all the way to Tauhara. Look for the new track, “Dier Straights” being constructed west out towards the Waipouwerawera/Mr & Mrs/Debs junction.
Megalicious is a great run down the hill named after Carwin’s dog Meg. Plenty of scope if you like jumps but just as good if you like your wheels on the ground.
As with all new constructions this loop will only improve and is already proving a favourite destination.


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